By: Adam C.

At first I had no intention of seeing this movie, but after watching the previews and T.V. spots, I decided to take a chance and see what all the hype was all about.  Constantine is based off the DC/Vertigo Comics that are originally titled Hellblazer.  In this movie, the hero known to both sides of the afterlife, John Constantine must help a woman solve the mysterious death of her twin sister.  Standing in their way include minions from both Heaven and Hell. At the very beginning of the movie, my first reaction was, "This is going to be an Exorcist knock off." This movie has a lot of religious symbolism that can really catch your eye if you look closely.  The story in the film focuses more on Constantine's self-destruction, and is looking to buy his way into Heaven rather than face the depths of Hell that he's already experienced rather than solving a mystery.  The acting was the lowest point of the whole film. Keanu Reeves has some funny one liners, but he literally sucks t
he life out of the film with his husky yet dull acting.  Rachel Weisz wasn't convincing as a detective trying to solve the mystery of her twin sister's death.  Finally, Gavin Rossdale (the former lead singer of Bush in his acting debut) was the villain in the film, and let me just say one thing to Mr.Rossdale, "Stick with your day job." He's got to be one of the worst villains in film history. I couldn't understand a word he was saying in the film because of the fact that he was whispering the entire time.  Interesting camera angles, in depth cinematography, and countless symbolism couldn't save this movie whatsoever.  I would have to give Constantine a 1 1/2 out of 5.  Save your time and your money because this movie is already the biggest disappointment of the year.