The Evil Dead
By: Adam C.

This was actually the first time I've ever seen this movie. I saw Army of
Darkness a long time ago and loved every minute of it. Then I decided to go
out and rent the first Evil Dead movie and my jaw dropped with amazement.
Evil Dead starts out with four teenagers heading to an abandoned cabin for
the weekend only to come across a mysterious 'Book of the Dead.' With
certain words the book unleashes a power and demons and other strange things
begin to happen around the surroundings of the cabin. As the demons appear
and eliminate the kids one by one, it's up to Ash (Bruce Campbell) to stop
them and return things back to natural order. This movie had it all.
Horror, comedy, and some outrageous slapstick moments. The animation was a
little cheesy, but the gore made up for the lackluster display. The plot
can get dry at times, but overall it's worth staying tuned for the entire 90
minutes. I give it a 4 out of 5 for being an enjoyable movie with some
minor flaws. I highly recommend seeing this before you see the other two
sequels. Don't make the same mistake that I did.