28 Days Later
By: Adam K

I'll have to admit that I'm a big zombie fan; it's probably my favorite
horror sub genre.  So I was very interested in seeing this new British
"reinterpretation" of the genre.  This film turned out to be a semi-remake of "The Omega Man" (one man against a whole slew of zombies) where a virus turns regular people into quick, sunlight-hating mutants.  Horror needed a shot in the arm like this, and I hope that horror filmmakers learn from it.  No matter how good
your effects or makeup are, no one will like your movie if they don't care about
your characters.  Plot establishment, even if it amounts to a slowing down of
the movie, is essential.  And always play around with the genre, never get
stuck in clichés, like having the zombies slow-moving.  That's been done for
such a long time.  Now mutant zombies are (albeit mindless) fast and
unpredictable instead of dense and slow.  Hopefully horror filmmakers will see this film and redefine what a horror film is supposed to be.  4 stars out of 5.