By: Brian Kinzeler

This is just another example of one of those movies that Hollywood hypes up to be one of the scariest movies ever and left me just completely pissed off about it.  The trailer to this flick made it look completely amazing and being that I am a fan of Sam Raimi all the way back to his Evil Dead days and even with his Spiderman days I decided to look past The Grudge and go into this movie with an open mind.  Unfortunately I found myself completely bored throughout this entire movie.  By about midway through the movie I was spending more time throwing popcorn at my buddy than I actually was watching the movie.  The basic premise of this movie is that a young boy watches his father being taken away from the "Boogeyman" and therefore becomes afraid of him for the rest of his life.  Bam...boy is an adult and is trying to start a relationship with a rather attractive girl but he still believes in the "Boogeyman."  Could present a problem, eh?  Definitely...So he goes back to his old house and tries to break his fear.  The plot is not was irritated me but more so how they went about doing the plot.  For example...the guy was looking around the house for damn near 20 minutes.  In these 20 minutes nothing of any significance happened.  The acting wasn't half bad.  Barry Watson was actually quite convincing and completely surprised me.  The script wasn't half bad but I was really disappointed by the direction of Stephen Kay.  I just think there was so much more he could have done to make his film more entertaining.  Overall I found this movie to be pretty boring.  There is a little twist at the end but nothing that made me think anymore of this film.  I am giving it a 1 1/2 out of 5.