Child's Play
By: Brian Kinzeler

I had never seen this film straight through but I was always a big fan of the second one so I decided to watch this one.   It actually made the second one a lot clearly and this one kind of set the stage for the franchise which now totals four films which will soon enough be five with a fifth film being planned.  This film shows the origins of Chucky and how the evil spirit got into the toy.  The acting was good and there is something about Tom Holland that makes me like his films even though this film was nothing like his most famous work "Fright Night".  The effects of this film were good because they had to make a doll (puppet) move like it was really alive and for the time that this was made they sure improvised and used a great idea that no one had every thought of before.  I am going to give this film a 4 1/2 out of 5 because it's not my favorite in the series and it didn't scare me that much.