The Exorcist
By: Brian Kinzeler

I have finally seen the movie that's been dubbed "scariest movie of all time" and you tell you what I was actually a little disappointed in it.  I didn't find this film to be that scary at all but it was still entertaining.  It was more disturbing in my mind then it was scary.   Linda Blair did a great job of portraying the possessed little girl and overall I thought the film was excellent but it lacked the scariness of being the scariest movie of all time.  To some the disturbing nature might have been taken as being scary but I just found it to be disturbing and not scary at all.  I wasn't startled once during the entire film and I was watching it alone in the dark.   I'm still going to give this film a 5 out of 5 for being a great film and for still being a classic in the minds of horror watchers.