By: Brian Kinzeler

Being that Halloween is my favorite holiday and that Halloween is one of my favorite movies I decided to rewrite me review for it considering how short and crappy my original review was.  This film basically started the modern day slasher craze.  With the exceptions of early slashers such as Psycho and Black Christmas this was the first.  This film sparked 7 sequels and hundreds of look-a-like flicks.  John Carpenter brought out all the fears of people with this film.  Jamie Lee Curtis made her acting debut with this film and although she didn't have a strong acting performance, she made an impression that is second to none.  Donald Pleasence was freaking amazing with some of the best lines in modern day horror.  PJ Soles and Nancy Loomis provided some cheesy lines to the mix and we got a horror flick.  Nick Castle, the original Shape, made an impression that just couldn't be lived up to in the sequels.  The direction by John Carpenter was great.  The script which was co-penned by Carpenter and Debra Hill was good and bad.  The dialogue was as poor as you can expect from a horror film but the lines for Dr. Loomis were probably the best and most remembered lines from a horror flick over the last thirty years.  If you have not already seen this flick you can not truly call yourself a horror fan.  Without this movie, the horror genre would have a massive void.  This film is an easy 5 out of 5.  See it, Buy it, live it.  Excellent film.