The Ring
By: Brian Kinzeler

This had to of been the scariest movie that I have ever seen.  Whether it was because I was sitting alone in a dark movie theatre with no one else around or if it was really that damn scary, I found this movie to be one of the most frightening films I have seen without including the original make of this movie in Japan which still sends chills up my spine.  One day after seeing the Ring I am still kind of creeped out.   The director did an excellent job hitting the target that the original director hit which made the original Japanese trilogy to be one of the most successful trilogies in Japanese Horror.  The acting was great.  The actors truly made me feel their pain in the movie and just their demeanor freaked me out.  The voice 7 days is still ringing in my head and I can't sleep with my TV near my bed after that.  I give this movie 5 out of 5 and if you haven't already seen this film I definitely recommend you checking it out.  Truly one of the best films I have seen in a while.  Can't wait to see the sequel.