The Shining
By: Brian Kinzeler

I had heard so much about this film and I had always looked to buy it but it was some obscene price so I decided to hold off on buying it.  Well I found it last night and quickly decided to watch it since I felt I was doing this site a disservice by not having that great classic on here with a review.  Like Adam K's review of this film I had heard that you will either love or hate this film.  I definitely loved this film.  Jack Nicholson is incredible.  It is almost hard to describe how good he is.  He is so crazy in the movie and does such a great job of making the audience believe he is crazy it is unbelievable.  Danny Lloyd, who played the little boy, was incredible either.  He did such an incredible job of being scared of Nicholson the entire film.  Stanley Kubrick's direction was phenomenal.  Everything was done right in the movie.  It was a little slow at points but the book, that it was based off of, was huge and Kubrick wanted to do an accurate depiction of the book.  There was a little nudity for those male viewers out there.  There was some great special effects for the budget this film had.  This is not one of those jump scare movies.  I found this to be one of those films that just gives you chills up and down your body as you watch it.  The classic lines such as "REDRUM" and "Heeeeere's Johnny" were great.  This was so much better than the made for TV version.  You are truly not a horror fan if you have not seen this movie.   5 out of 5.  A must watch.